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Hunger Games

This is a non-combat course that is both safe and held, and yet also an exciting adventure where participants learn to survive in the wild like the characters in the Hunger Games books and films.  A unique and powerful experience of nature, far from the world of traffic, computer screens and mobile phones, participants will be taught jungle survival skills to make and cook over fires,  build shelters, sneak/stalk and finally to try and win the Games and become ‘the Victors’. New skills, adventure, immersion in the jungle, intensive teamwork and a whole lot of mischief means this promises to be a truly unforgettable experience.

Operating Hours

JEST Camp has one shift on Mondays-Thursdays and two shifts on Fridays-Sundays.

School Trips

Schools are most definitely welcome to visit JEST Camp as part of field trips and immersive activities.

Private Events

JEST Camp is open for private events and corporate affairs after regular operating hours.

Jest Camp Tickets

Prices for Mondays to Thursdays Child – PHP 900.00 Guardian – PHP 630.00 Toddler – PHP 500.00

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Book your tributes for a JEST TEAM BUILDING activity and know who will be the victor!