Jungle Environment Survival Training (JEST) Camp is the most famous (and toughest) survival school in the Philippines. Since the 1960s, we have offered adventurous souls a chance to uncover their primitive instinct for survival through teaching them indigenous skills inside the mighty Jungle itself.


We believe that people thrive when challenged.

Real growth happens when the answers aren’t easy: working through a new skill, dealing with mosquitoes (or pesky coursemates!), battening down the tent in the middle of the night during a storm. These are experiences that lead to resilience.

We believe that living in nature TEACHES responsibility.

In JEST Camp wilderness classrooms we feel incredibly small, yet our personal impacts become more obvious. We learn simplicity, we develop respect for our world and our coursemates, and we learn that we have a responsibility to all that is around us.


There is no more engaging Teacher than nature with a JEST Camp instructor as facilitator. Hands-on learning in the context of an extended expedition leads to mastery and excitement. We learn it because we need to know it.

But don’t take our word for it! Get out there on one of our JEST Camp Courses and be amazed at what you can achieve when you push yourself to the “limit”! Check out our Survival Courses below:


The Original Jungle Survival Camp

jest camp instructors


At JEST, we recognise that the quality of your experience with us depends on the quality of your instructors.

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Certification Program

Graduates of JEST Camp receive recognized professional certifications which prepare students to be excellent naturalists, wilderness skills instructors, wildlife trackers, and environmental field technicians.

jest camp course faqs

Course FAQs

Concerned about safety? Or you just want answers to your questions before you start on this grand adventure? Click away!

Jungle Survival Courses

Jungle Survival

In almost a decade, our instructors have taken people of all ages on real wilderness expeditions, teaching outdoor skills, leadership, and environmental ethics in one of the Philippines’ wildest and most awe-inspiring “classrooms”.

Operating Hours

Our jungle survival courses can range from half-day to 3 days and even customised!

School Trips

Schools are most definitely welcome to visit JEST Camp as part of field trips and immersive activities.

Private Events

JEST Camp is open for private events and corporate affairs after regular operating hours.

Jest Camp Tickets

Prices start from Php450 to php1,100 for 3 days!

Some Of Our Distinguished Clientele


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Our jungle survival courses are renowned worldwide. Our instructors have been the instrument on why the Americans were able to use their knowledge during the Vietnam War to survive!