Jungle Survival Certification Program

JEST Camp is the first survival school in the Philippines and has been offering Jungle Survival Certification since 1963. Graduates of JEST Camp receive recognised professional certifications which prepare students to be excellent naturalists, wilderness skills instructors, wildlife trackers, and environmental field technicians.

What is a Jungle Survival Certification Course?

Jungle Survival Certification is obtained only by people who are committed to learning and improving their wilderness skills. Each of our certificates represents that a solid base of both essential knowledge and practical skills have been learned by our students. We believe that a certificate in outdoor education involving wilderness survival and wilderness navigation is meaningful and extremely relevant to today’s students.

Upon graduation, students receive a Certificate in Jungle Survival Education & Ecology. The Certificate is signed by the core instructor and is a physical representation of the hard work, study, and experience that has been learned and completed by the student.

What types of people attend the Jungle Survival Certification Course?

Adults of all ages, experience levels, and walks of life attend the Certification Course. These adults range from students straight out of high school to retired adults. Most students who take the course do so as part of their career preparation, while others are primarily interested in personal growth and the value of the education learned through the experience. A good number of students are in their mid-twenties and are pursuing environmental and/or educational careers. Students in general often share a love for the outdoors, wildlife, and sustainability.

Who will benefit from Jungle Survival Certification Course?

Hikers, Scout and Guide leaders, anglers, hunters, naturalists, educators, camp personnel, canoeists, outdoor enthusiasts, bodyguards, police, military or anyone whose job skills will be enhanced by special knowledge of the outdoors.

Military, Firemen and Police Force 

In today’s government, having a license or certification can open doors for you. A license is required for most professions, and for jobs that are subject to state or other government regulations. Certification is voluntary, but frequently sought after. That’s because getting a certification can help you get, keep, or advance in a job.


Below is the list of what you will gain once you get Certified by our Jungle Survival Program:

A. Certified Jungle Survival Instructor


Our courses are taught only by the most experienced Jungle Survival Instructors. They are currently the second-generation instructors who have established the J.E.S.T Camp Institution with the indigenous people of Subic Bay called Aetas and the Americans.

B. We are offering the official JEST CAMP Pin.


C. Official Jungle Survival Certificate of Training


D. Exclusive Survivors Club Membership


J.E.S.T Survivors Club was created with the idea of promoting survival, bushcraft, adventure and life in nature, thus becoming a pioneer of the movement in our region. Our idea is expanding and opening the Survivors Club to our schools, club alumni and new supporters. A club during training and socializing gathers sincere friends of survival, bushcraft, adventure and nature.Graduates of our Jungle Survival Courses becomes an Alumni of our J.E.S.T Survivors Club and get exclusive access from our exciting offers, events and promotions. We have already partnered with International Survival Schools and will be offering international destinations and more of our local ones soon!


Now, JEST Camp offers two Jungle Survival Certification courses and it’s been specifically tailored to provide students/trainees with unique, exciting, and tactile learning experiences. JEST Camp believes that its courses will allow you to hone your skills while gaining recognition through our certification. Get started on the path to a real outdoor education by taking the courses that count!