Here are some questions we get asked a lot about our Survival Courses…

Who attends a survival training course?

People attend our courses from all walks of life. Backpackers, camping enthusiasts, recreationists, search and rescue teams, entire families, corporate managers, attorneys, scientists, PNP, firemen, and military personnel, city parks and recreation specialists, university outdoor program staff, doctors, electricians, biologists, geologists, teachers and professors, engineers, nurses and private pilots, law enforcement, forestry and park ranger personnel, hunters … the list goes on. Our students are diverse with many different personal learning objectives. JEST Camp understands this and is prepared to adapt the instruction to each individual.


Is jungle survival experience required?

No jungle survival experience required. The majority of our students arrive at the training area with fears, anxiety, and some trepidation. Understandably so. Fear of the unknown, mixed with peer pressure and a dash of inexperience, is a recipe that is familiar to us at JEST Camp. Fears and stresses play a significant role in the outcome of any wilderness survival situation. It is our job and duty to make you better aware of the roadblocks to psychological and physical well-being in an outdoor environment. Regardless of your jungle survival experience, JEST Camp welcomes you to attend our training.


Who are the instructors?

All survival courses are taught by high-level, quality instructors. They’re duty-bound to share knowledge and skills. They’re compassionate, professional, and caring. They’ve been taught by graduates of the world-famous U.S. Air Force Survival (SERE) Instructor School.

What is the training area like?

The field training area is located on Subic bamboo forest. Your training area is primitive and an outstanding place to learn the art of jungle survival.

How do I register for a scheduled course?

Please register by filling up this form.


What forms of payment are accepted?

Tuition payment can be made by personal check, money order, PayPal or major credit card.


What equipment do I bring?

Once registration forms and tuition payment are received, each student will receive an equipment list via email as a Word or pdf document.


Will JEST Camp supply my food?

Food options are dependent upon the course. JEST Camp can provide food for an additional charge or each student can bring their own food. The course equipment list will be specific regarding meals and snacks. Stoves and grills are not used for cooking; meals will be prepared using campfires. Email if you prefer having JEST Camp provide your food.


If I arrive by plane, will ground transportation be provided?

Yes. There are two international airports you can pass through DMIA (Clark) which is the nearer airport (only an hour away) or NAIA (Manila) which is about 3 hours away. JEST offers transportation for students to their motel, the training area, and to the airport at course end at an additional charge.


If I arrive one-night early, where do I stay?

JEST Camp has bunk rooms available for students for an additional Php375 per night. If you prefer a hotel or campgrounds we are happy to provide recommendations just email us at [email protected]


Risk Management at JEST Camp

How can you assure our safety at JEST Camp?

We believe that real adventure is about playing outside, exploring, and sometimes scraping your knees – all in a secure, safe and fun environment. Our Risk Assessment and Code of Conduct file are available for your download here.


Cancellations and Amendments

What is your cancellation policy?

You can cancel your adventure but need to do this at least 48 hours before the booked start time by calling the booking line on 047 252 1489. You will be fully refunded. JEST Camp might need to cancel your booking. If this happens, we’ll refund you in full. Sometimes, unfortunately, we might need to close the course for reasons beyond our control. If you have already started the course you will not be entitled to any refund (in part or in whole). We will do our best to offer alternative dates or times at reduced rates.

Can I amend my booking? 

Yes, just call the booking line on 047 252 1489 or Mobile: (Globe) 639-17796-4668 (Smart) 639-47533-4925 (Sun) 639-22883-2763