For us, life is inconceivable without a campfire. When spirits are high, a fire’s flames provide joyful light; and when spirits are low, the consoling warmth of the embers will thaw the frozen heart.Fire separates us from the animal kingdom. In our modern day life think where we would be if fire was not within our grasp. This is why our first Jungle Survival Certification course is built around the premise of fire and maintaining it throughout the night.


Leave the high-tech, modern world behind as you explore the mountain trails with little more then a knife, tent and fire under the starts to keep you safe and warm!

WARNING: HUNTER GATHERER is the first true Jungle Survival Course and you will earn the “Jungle Survival Certification” that few can ever have. This is NOT your usual camping trip. You will be placed in a Survival Scenario that you’ll act out to the fullest. NOTE:This course is self-catering. You will live on land. However, if you have a weak stomach, you can bring food, preferably raw. We can also bring food for you at an additional cost (P150 perperson).


Orientation Welcome to JEST Camp!Brief overview of what’s in store for you and safety instructions!
Impact A fast-moving, minimal-equipment hike through the wilderness.
Jungle Survival Skills •Hunter-Gatherer Living Skills •Learn how to build natural shelters, purify water, create friction fire, find wild food •Ethnobotany: Wild Edible & Medicinal Plants Learn how to properly identify, gather, and prepare wild plants for meals, medicines, and tools. •Nature-Based Teaching: Education and Culture Develop wilderness leadership and instructing skills, as well as community and cultural awareness. •Learn how to “Leave No Trace”
Tent Set-up Put your skills to test as you apply your jungle survival skills to prepare your dinner, and have a relaxing campfire story exchanges about the events that occurred during the day.
Celebration Congratulations! You’ve Earned It!


Minimum of 10 persons
Duration: 8am to 8am


  • Jungle Survival Skills
  • Jungle Survival Certificate of Training
  • Certified Jungle Survival Instructor
  • JEST Camp Official Patch
  • Exclusive Membership to J.E.S.T Survivors Club
  • All staff and guide fees.All park entry and usage fees.All communications, medical and safety kit required for each activity.

Required Materials:

  • Raw food to cook
  • Machete/Bolo/Jungle Knife
  • Tent or Poncho
  • Survival Mindset


  • All internal, vehicle, boat and air transportation. We can, however, give you assistance or booking for your transportation here.All food for the duration of your trip with J.E.S.T Camp  will not be covered. During survival phases, we will find a variety of foods for you, plus you will have to find / catch some yourself! We do not provide food when you are at the Camp but we do have the famous Luto Sa Buho (cooked in bamboo stalks) restaurant where you can purchase both cooked and raw food for your courses.International air fares. But we can give you advice.All the specific kit is not provided. You will only need a Bolo (knife) and a poncho for our Certification courses. You will have the option to rent/buy/borrow from the Camp. Please feel free to contact us here for more info about packages with the food and equipment.



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