your life may just depend on it.

We firmly believe that only through EXPERIENTIAL EDUCATION would we be able to deliver a course that could save someone’s life. Going out of your element and into the unknown will not only cement your resolve to be calm and competent during an emergency, but will also allow you to take on the Herculean task of ensuring you and your companions’ survival.


Imagine you’re shipwrecked on an island. You’ve got nothing but a bit of wreckage, some trees, and your own ingenuity to survive on – Can you do it?

This 3 day course will take you to the pristine jungles of Subic Bay, Zambales. We’ll give you all the training you need to get the basics of living life like Indiana Jones, then for a day or two you and your team will have to put into practice on your own.


This course is like a vaccination. You’re getting a sense of what it’s like to be in a life- threatening situation, so that when you actually are, you’ll be able to do what you need to. Therefore, the course should be taken by physically fit and healthy people as be assured we are going to push your limits and boundaries. One week of exercise prior to the course is advised, and you’ll be tested by running for 1 mile.


Orientation Welcome to JEST Camp!
Brief overview of what’s in store for you and safety instructions!
Impact You’ll get into the “survival mindset” as things unfold while trekking
and setting up camp.
Jungle Survival Skills Wilderness Survival: Hunter-Gatherer Living Skills
Learn how to build natural shelters, purify water, create friction
fire, find wild food, and master a variety of wilderness crafts.
Ethnobotany: Wild Edible & Medicinal Plants
Learn how to properly identify, gather, and prepare wild plants for
meals, medicines, and tools.
Wildlife Tracking: Interpreting Tracks and Signs
Develop the ability to accurately read tracks and signs made by
mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and insects.
Naturalist Skills: Place-based Ecological Knowledge
Develop a holistic understanding of the natural history, taxonomy,
and species of the Philippines.
Traps Develop booby traps, make warning devices and a cross bow!
Celebration When rescue comes, you’ll be whisked away for a day of tall
stories with your Jungle Survival ADVANCED Certification in hand!



Minimum of 10 persons
Duration: 3 days


  • Jungle Survival Skills
  • Jungle Survival ADVANCED Certificate of Training
  • Certified Jungle Survival Instructor
  • JEST Camp Official Patch
  • Exclusive Membership to J.E.S.T Survivors ClubAll staff and guide fees.All park entry and usage fees.All communications, medical and safety kit required for each activity.

Required Materials:

  • Raw food to cookMachete/Bolo/Jungle KnifeTent or PonchoSurvival Mindset


  • All internal, vehicle, boat and air transportation. We can, however, give you assistance or booking for your transportation here.All food for the duration of your trip with J.E.S.T Camp  will not be covered. During survival phases, we will find a variety of foods for you, plus you will have to find / catch some yourself! We do not provide food when you are at the Camp but we do have the famous Luto Sa Buho (cooked in bamboo stalks) restaurant where you can purchase both cooked and raw food for your courses.International air fares. But we can give you advice.All the specific kit is not provided. You will only need a Bolo (knife) and a poncho for our Certification courses. You will have the option to rent/buy/borrow from the Camp. Please feel free to contact us here for more info about packages with the food and equipment.