From Backcountry to the Boardroom

When a plane crashed on a deserted island, there were 7 survivors. When rescue came, it dwindled down to 3…why? What did the three survivors have that those who died did not? In this uncertain economy, some businesses succeed and grow but majority fail miserably. The question is… do you and your team have the same “will to survive and thrive” in any economic situation?


We, the instructors at JEST Camp have uncovered that wilderness easily replicates the realities of the business world. Rock fall or weather might force you to change your plans on a JEST Camp expedition, just as an earthquake and tsunami in Japan end up interfering with your supply chain in the business world.

Using one of our survival scenarios, you’ll learn key wilderness and business survival and team building skills including but not limited to:

  • Maintaining your Positive Mental attitude in tough conditionsFire-building/ passion for businessSignaling/CommunicationProcuring Food/ personal development

These survival skills are not only important and practical in an outdoor emergency, but they also teach you important decision-making skills, methods that can move your company to success.



Orientation Welcome to JEST Camp! Brief overview of what’s in store for you and safety instructions!
Tribal Stampede Introduction of Survival Scenario, and division of tribes.
Opening Ceremony Presentation of each tribe.
Survival Skill Set Navigation and Trap-making
Survival Challenge: Live chicken will be set loose for you to trap.
Survival Skill Set Wild Edible and Medicinal Plants
Survival Challenge An emergency involving one of your tribe will occur.
Luto Sa Buho Lunch Jungle Survival Demo plus Hands-on Experience of using tools
True or Falls Trivia about the game and environment. If wrong, then they’ll have to walk the “plank”.
Survival Skill Set Shelter Construction
Survival Challenge Race to set-up the tent.
Survival Skill Set Hunter-Gatherer
Survival Challenge Cook using the Luto sa Buho method.
Tribal Council Presentation and discussion of what happened.
Final Challenge: The Great Escape Just when you think it’s over, it isn’t…
Celebration and Awarding Ceremony Congratulations! You’ve made it! You’ll be able to attain the Certification for Tribe Survival.
Packages starts at P1200 with meals for full day for a minimum of 20 persons.

More details about our packages and catalog are available upon request.


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