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Reawakening the Wild in your Child

Nothing will ever make a parent prouder than see their child accomplish something that even they thought was difficult. Because as the child struggles for the words to define the journey, the adventure, the challenge of what the child just went through, the parent will see deep in those eyes the change, thegrowth, and the fire of a young person with a purpose.


Bowing to the demands of both parents and their offspring, we have opened this course for the 11 ~ 16 age group, so that budding JEST Campers can enjoy an exciting and informative experience, discovering the wonders of nature without a parent or playstation in sight. Students on this course will be outdoors for 2 days.

Each skill will conclude with a certified test, where each student will have the opportunity to apply the skills that they have learned in a realistic and challenging scenario. This course is conducted from an expedition style camp besides a beautiful waterfalls. You will not live from the land during this course so bring your (raw) food to cook.


Orientation Welcome to JEST Camp!Brief overview of what’s in store for you and safety instructions!
Tribal Identification They will divide themselves into tribes and make their own  battlecry!
Jungle Survival Skills
  • Firelighting
  • Water Collection and Purification
  • Plants for Food & Medicine
  • Tracking
  • Safe use of Cutting Tools
  • Backcountry Hygiene
  • Outdoor Safety
Waterfalls Break After cooking with us and having your lunch, take a dip at the Boton Falls!
Shelter Construction Set-up your tent
Hunter-Gatherer Skill Put your skills to test!
Campfire Circle Toast marshmallows or hotdogs and discuss the events of the day (food not included)
Leave No Trace Looking after the land by leaving no sign of having ever been there!

Minimum of 10 persons
Duration: 8am to 8am

Jungle Survival Certification and Meals 

Required Materials:
Raw food to cook, Machete, Tent or Poncho

For packages with food and equipment, please contact us here.


Need assistance? Call 09088207048 | 09177964668 | 09228832763 | T/f: 63-47-2521489


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