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Kawayan Kitchen

The art of cooking in Kawayan (bamboo) were taught by the natives living in Subic Bay called the “Aetas”.

During the Vietnam War, Americans used Subic as a base. The Americans were then fascinated with how Aetas survived with only a bolo (machete) and bamboo to survive, and asked the Aetas if they could impart their teachings. Thus, the Jungle Environment Survival Training (JEST) Camp was born.

JEST Camp has since been giving visitors from all around the world a taste of survival, and this is through the ultimate one-of-a-kind dining experience that is KAWAYAN KITCHEN.

Operating Hours

JEST Camp has one shift on Mondays-Thursdays and two shifts on Fridays-Sundays.

School Trips

Schools are most definitely welcome to visit JEST Camp as part of field trips and immersive activities.

Private Events

JEST Camp is open for private events and corporate affairs after regular operating hours.

Jest Camp Tickets

Prices for Mondays to Thursdays Child – PHP 900.00 Guardian – PHP 630.00 Toddler – PHP 500.00

Some Of Our Distinguished Clientele


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